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Students investigate smoking on campus

  The dangers associated with the use of tobacco products on the University campus have been the focus of a clinical health promotion course in this semester. A Health Promotion Clinical for senior nursing students has unveiled to shed light on the University smoking policy on campus and to warn students of the dangerous health effects of all types of tobacco. Full story

First Annual Bridge Society Professional Conference

  The primary aim in hosting this event was to give Villanova Arts and Sciences students the opportunity to gain public speaking experience while reflecting upon their professional development journey---specifically how it has positioned them for success in the future. Full story

Fedigan gets sustainable LEED certification

  The U.S. Green Building Council named Fedigan Hall a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Gold-Certified residence hall for its sustainability elements. The sophomore residence hall joins four other campus buildings—the Law School, Driscoll Hall, Sheehan Hall and Sullivan Hall—that meet LEED standards based on sustainable sites, water efficiency, energy and atmosphere, materials and resources, indoor environmental quality and innovation in design, according to the University’s sustainability web tab. Full story


Wildcats outshoot ranked Penn State

  The men’s lacrosse team never allowed Penn State to take the lead during Saturday’s game, ending with a Wildcats victory, 9-7, against the NCAA ranked Nittany Lions.  With senior attackman Kevin O’Neil and freshman midfielder Austin Frederick walking off of the Penn State Lacrosse Field with hat tricks, the Wildcats’ victory was impressive, to say the least. Full story

Women’s lacrosse slips past Scarlet Knights

  Despite rainy weather conditions, the Villanova women’s lacrosse team shined against Rutgers on Saturday, winning the contest 14-11 and improving their record to 5-4 overall, 1-0 in Big East Conference play. The stellar performances from the youthful midfield, in particular from sophomore Shannon Galvin and freshman Becca Hetrick, coupled with a dynamic punch from senior attack Ali Judge, proved to be too much for the Scarlet Knights of Rutgers. Full story


College athletes enjoy unearned benefits

Student-athletes often granted unfair academic reprieves

We all know a degree from Villanova University looks great and very respectable on a resume. We also know it wasn’t easy to get accepted into this highly accredited school. We spent hours in high school working on homework and projects, studying for tests, practicing for the next big game or the next big musical. Full story

Technology cannot explain flight MH370 disappearance

Malaysian Airplane tragedy proves the unpredictable nature of our existence

Nearly four weeks ago, an airplane disappeared en route to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur—and found itself in the grip of the 24-hour news cycle. The initial reports of the plane’s disappearance contained few details, sparking hours of on-air speculation from networks such as CNN. Full story


Bread for the World looks to end hunger at home

Bread for the World hosted a discussion on Saturday on reducing hunger and a workshop on how to help those who do not have access to healthy food. Titled “Actually Ending Hunger at Home: What Would It Take?” the all-day conference involved speeches from those currently involved in the fight against hunger, one from a  woman who actually experienced hunger herself, and periods of reflection and discussion in which people present could  discuss how exactly they were going to go make progress in the campaign to end hunger. Full story

Opening of Purenergy Studio excites the Main Line

Nothing says girl power like five of the Main Line’s top fitness mavens coming together to create what they call “a studio like no other.” Walking into Purenergy in Paoli, you know they are right. Last week, Purenergy Studio in Depot Shoppes shopping center on Lancaster Ave on the West Main Line opened to rave reviews. Full story



Celebrity-inspired shoes define popular culture, shape society

  Kanye West leaves Nike for Adidas. What does this even mean to the casual sneaker enthusiast?  Kanye West, AKA the Louis Vuitton Don, AKA Yeezy, AKA rapper that jumped over the jumpman, AKA Swag King Cole, AKA Mr. West AKA Yeezus-----all self-proclaimed by the way-----has discontinued his juggernaut sneaker line of the Air Yeezy. Full story

Hollywood couples change tradition, reject marriage norms

  First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes…a baby carriage? Wait that doesn’t sound accurate–---at least not according to Hollywood’s current standards.  If any of you happened to be browsing through the magazines in the checkout aisle at Giant this week, you may have noticed the breaking news, “Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are having a baby!” This news broke just weeks after it was revealed that the couple had become engaged after 15 years of friendship----you may remember them as Jackie and Kelso from “That 70’s Show”----and two years of dating. Full story

The pervasive image of the unmotivated athlete

A response to "College athletes enjoy unearned benefits"

            Last week, Blaire Fenniman wrote a column delving into the unearned benefits to which a select group of student athletes are privileged as a result of their poor habits—cheating, lack of motivation, fatigue, etc. Full story