Apply to The Villanovan

The mission of Villanova University’s newspaper of record is to document significant events on campus and events important to the Villanov community while serving as a platform for discussion for the student body. With this in mind, the staff of The Villanovan tenaciously pursues content vital to the reader’s understanding of the community’s climate and activity with passionate curiosity, dispassionate impartiality and unwavering integrity. 

The Villanovan accepts applicants on a rolling basis within for each of the following roles:


Staff reporters may pitch story ideas to any section but work primarily within section assignments. Reporters work with section editors to develop story concepts and generate accurate and complete coverage. Reporters are expected to maintain an extensive understanding of community tides and happeneings. While section editors are depended upon to determine the content of their sections, the story research and development is the primary duty of the reporter. Applicants are encouraged to apply to as many sections as they are interested in. The sections and their areas of coverage are as follows:


Photographers and graphic designers do not receive section assignments but might find a niche in certain areas. The media that these staff members generate should not serve as a supplement to written content but convey a strong narrative in itself. (CLICK HERE TO TO APPLY TO THE VILLANOVAN PHOTO STAFF)


Copy editors are vital to controlling the quality of the content The Villanovan releases. Copy editors attend layout every week and work steadfastly to verify facts, dates, statistics and official titles that may appear in articles. Editors are expected to have an intimate understanding of AP and The Villanovan house style guideliens to ensure that all published content remains cohesive in grammatical structure and style. (CLICK HERE TO APPLY TO THE VILLANOVAN COPY DESK STAFF)